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3rd World Congress!!

We are working on the Next World Congress! The first one was held in 2000, the second in 2006, both were held in Bad Laasphe, Germany. It is time for another one! We are excited to be able to report that another one is in the works for 2014. We plan to hold it in conjunction the with French Lowchen National Club Show being held in Douai, France. We have a wonderful committee working hard to put it together. We want this to be the best one yet! At the last two, we had attendees come from all over the world. We hope to repeat this and this time with more Löwchen and fanciers than ever before! This is a wonderful opportunity to visit with old friends and meet with new ones! 

We have begun planning the seminar topics and will begin to firm up the presenters in the next six months. There will be round tables, discussion panels and open dialogue sessions. Some of the sessions we are planning that you will be able to participate in are:

Breed History Presentation
Comparison of Löwchen World Standards
Long-time breeders forum on breed structure changes followed by Q & A.
Presentation on genetic research regarding the Löwchen ancestry-Mars Wisdom Panel
Breed issues presentation by panel followed by Q & A
Color Genetics presentation
Grooming discussion panel followed by Q & A
Future of FCI Breed Standard-French Club Presentation
Future of FCI Breed Standard-European FCI breed club representatives responses
Future of FCI Breed Standard-Open discussion- non-binding vote regarding changes
PRA & Cataracts Presentation

We are making tentative plans for a tour of the Cathedral in Amiens which is near Lille (where Madame Bennert acquired her first two Löwchen for her breeding program) and may even have another location visit in the works that has historical significance to our breed! Details to come as they are firmed up on the World Congress Website.  

The committee for the show is Sylvie Soula of France, Gini Denninger-USA, Felizitas Dylla-Michler-Germany and Janet Perret-Green King-France (Gr. Britain.) and Jari Partenen of Norway (Finland). This incredible event has tentative dates which are 25-27th of February, 2014. The event happens prior to three days of French dog shows!

If you attend the Löwchen World Congress III, plan to stay to attend the Nationale d'Elevage Bichons et Petits Chiens Lions (Specialty French Club Show-2/28, Douai with "Spéciale de Race"-3/1 and Douai Breed Club Show-3/2. You have the opportunity to win a French Championship if you get the CAC all three days!. Bring your Löwchen so that you are able to compete in these shows as well as the Löwchen World Congress Cup! This is the 3rd Congress Cup! This event is always judged by someone who has played a part in the Löwchen history.  We will reveal further details to you about the forthcoming judge as soon as particulars are finished. 

We are working on arrangements for lodging. Every attempt has been made to make this event as economical as possible for all attendees. Sylvie has found very suitable choices of lodging and a location for the congress. As last time, all international attendees who are flying in, will be be met at the Brussells Airport (BRU), located in Belgium. This airport is closer to the Congress than Paris and is also cheaper to fly to, with less arrival and departure taxes.  We are arranging transportation to the hotel and shows for our international attendees, to make your attendance as easy and stress-free as possible. If you have never traveled internationally before, no worries. Our committee will make sure you feel at ease in foreign surroundings! We are leaving no excuses to not attending! Begin making plans to attend! 

We are very pleased to announce that the French Löwchen Club will be hosting a cocktail party for the opening of the congress and are preparing gifts for all attending! 

Come back to look for the link for the forthcoming website on the World Congress! 

1st Lowchen World Congress Cup Winner 
Ch. Ashford's Lazim Lesse
Breeder: Gini Denninger
Co-Owners: Janette Swindler, Jo Beckett & Gini Denninger
Photo courtesy Jari Partenen

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